Happy Derby Day!!

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Posted by mike

All the best on this glorious morning here in Saratoga -- terrible storm last night that left limbs down everywhere, but we awoke to a sunny, crisp cool Spring morning ready to celebrate and enjoy this year's Kentucky Derby. And what a race this year -- we've got at least 9 horses who I would not be too terribly surprised if they won.  Yep 9 -- really narrowing it down for your aren't I?? We've got a couple who may be as talented as their limited number of races suggest they may be, and a few more who look positioned to step it up enough as they mature --- some of these I think may take a little longer and won't do so today, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  First, I wanted to report on the Bliss horses: Strikealinethruit and Irishtocat have both had lovely fillies this year and are down with their dates in Kentucky --we expect to have the foals and mares back in New York in June.  And if I get time later, I'll update this post with photos, but you can always go to our Facebook page which has the most recent photos and videos: https://www....

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