It has been some time since my last post, so there's a lot of ground to cover . . .and while it's almost impossible for me to be brief, I'll try - no promises.  Also, there's some pretty pictures to keep your interest up.

First, let's cover the breeding side of things since we're headed into foaling season -- actually, we're already in foaling season but our mares won't have foals until a few weeks from now.  We have Irishtocat expected to foal an Upstart filly or colt and Strikealinethruit expected to drop an Outwork foal not too long after - the babies are a great part of the game and as. you can see from the pictures below, the foals from '17 are doing quite well under Cheryl and Michael's care in Fort Edward.  The Take Charge Indy - Irishtocat filly is particularly elegant reminding me very much of Bella Attrice at the same age, and the Freud - Strikealinethruit colt looks like a typical Freud, solid and racey.  We're hoping to sell both these fine horses as yearlings in 2018. 





At left, Strikealinethruit's Freud colt is learning at an early age that carrots are a good thing!






At right, the Freud colt (left) poses while the Take Charge Indy filly photo bombs . . .







At left, the lovely Take Charge Indy - Irishtocat filly says hello.












For 2018, we will have three horses racing for Bliss Stable:  Crawfish Shorts, I Like Your Style, and Showalittlefaith -- if you go to the Bliss Racing Facebook page ( ), you can see photos and videos of all three as they prepare for the year.  Crawfish Shorts has been resting and recovering from some bleeding issues in 2017 - he has just started back into training at In Front.  I Like Your Style continues progress to her first race, and we expect her to get to the races in the next month; she is at Belmont preparing for that first race.  Showalittlefaith has entered initial training at the Webb Carroll Training Center and we hope that he'll race for us at two -- trainer Jeremiah Englehart will be down this week to check up on his progress.  We're excited by the possibilites for the year ahead!

Here are a few photos of the horses - first we have some photos of Crawfish Shorts, who has really matured into that big frame, looking better than ever:


We are pleased with the way Crawfish Shorts (above and below) has matured - he looks like a winner for sure!


Finally we come to our two year old, New Year's Day - Irishtocat colt . . . while we weren't able to get the name Thunder Road for him, we are very excited to introduce: SHOWALITTLEFAITH !!


The colt has trained forwardly thus far and with a name from a Bruce song, we know he'll be "pulling out of here to win" many times over!  Very exciting for us . . .

As we head to March madness, while most will be focused on hoops and rooting for the Northeastern Huskies -- who else could you possibly root for??! -- we'll be watching for foals and hoping that we have some nice foal photos to share before too much longer!

Here's hoping you get through this last bit of winter in fine style -- hope to back to you soon with more on the racing and breeding activities!

Take care,