Oh Happy Day!

You may recall that our first baby grew up to win several races at Saratoga, raking in almost a quarter of a million dollars in her racing career, and went on to attempt a broodmare career.  Her first foal -- now her only foal - to reach the races is "Pete" or Prima Attrice.  The horse, of course, is Bella Attrice.  Once we knew it was in Bella's best interest to forego a broodmare career, we were fortunate to find someone who would care for and love her for what we hope will be many years to come.  While I never had any doubts about the match with her former groom, Ronnie, I was tickled, thrilled, over-the-moon - yea, I was excited -- to get pictures this week that demonstrate how terrific a match they are.   As you can see from the photos below, Bella and Ronnie look great together and the beautiful Bella has started her life with Ronnie in great fashion.  Ronnie reports: 

"I just wanted to send you a message and let you know that Bella and I had our first rides this weekend!  She's doing fantastic.  She's settled in very nicely and we've been doing a lot of ground work.  She did so well with our last few sessions with the saddle and bridle on, that i finally decided she was ready, and on Friday, I got on her for the first time!  iI was a little bit of an adventure, as i think she got confused and started backing up, but my dad started to lead her, and she relaxed.  On Saturday, we rode again, this time starting off with my dad leading her, but he gradually backed off, and she walked on calmly.  She's just so smart...every time I try something new with her, she's nervous at first, but then when I go back and do it again the next day, it's like she's got it all figured out.  I think she's going to be great once we get some more miles together.  

Today, we took the day off, and I just spoiled her with some treats.  She's pretty much charmed everyone at the farm with her carrot hunt maneuver."

OK, how great a note is that?!!?!!!  For those who haven't met Bella, the carrot hunt involves a twisting of the head, extended toward her most likely carrot holder with pleading eyes . . . priceless!  Anyway, I wanted to share this great news and show you how well she's doing:


Ronnie and Bella, look great together in the arena . . .






Bella needs a little guidance from Ronnie's dad - think first day of college after a long break after high school!












And viola!  One very happy rider and horse:




Thanks so much to Ronnie for giving Bella such a good life -- we couldn't be happier!

Now for a brief update:

Prima Attrice -- Bella's baby had quite an eventful first trip to the races at Aqueduct, starting slowly out of the gate, getting blocked and cut at the top of the stretch and flipping her palate and preventing herself from getting much needed air while racing.  She came out of the race with our trainer "very pleased with her."  Adjustments will be made and she'll be back for a second start in which we hope to get a better assessment of her racing ability.  Let's hope Pete can make Bella proud!

Crawfish Shorts - The gelding is likely to be entered to run on the turf on Friday, April 28 - this is opening day at Belmont.  He hasn't shown enough to suggest he will be competitive during the Belmont and Saratoga seasons on dirt, and we're hoping his showing on the turf will raise his game so that we can have some fun with him over the next few months on the NYRA circuit.  Friday's race will provide much needed information.

I Like Your Style - The filly wasn't as far along in her physical development as we had thought and she has returned to In Front Training to continue conditioning and laying down muscle, getting stronger.  Our goal now is to get her to the races in early Fall.

Both Irishtocat and Strikealinethruit have had their foals this year -- Irishtocat had a lovely Take Charge Indy filly and Strike had a nice sized Freud colt.  All are doing well and both mares are scheduled with dates for next year's foals.

I hope this update made you smile as it does me every time I think about the life our Bella has -- have a great week!