What's New Irishtocat?

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Posted by mike
What's New Irishtocat?

I'm happy to introduce the newest member of the Bliss family, born March 23 (the same day as her "aunt" Strikealinethruit), all legs and angles the latest filly out of Irishtocat:   The little filly has quite the long legs and will take a few weeks to lose the gangly look of a newborn.  She certainly seems likely to be a good sized horse when fully grown if her legs are any indication.  Mama Irishtocat and her new baby are doing well, and they will be traveling to Kentucky in a few weeks for Irishtocat's date with next year's baby daddy. On the trip to the farm earlier today, we also got to see the ever-friendly and carrot loving, Strikealinethruit -- as you can tell from the photo Strike is quite pregnant and there's no question that baby has ruined her racehorse figure.  Strike is due in about 3 weeks and we hope to have photos of her new baby shortly thereafter.  Deb and Kathy always enjoy getting to give their girl carrots and peppermints, so it was a great day all around!     As you can see, there's still snow on the ground in the Saratoga area, but that won't stop Strikealinethruit from ...

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