Animal Magnetism

Happy March!

It's foaling season -- and I was fortunate to be there when one of the mares on the farm had a beautiful baby this week. Here's a photo when the big colt is just minutes old:


None of our mares have had their foals yet, but this certainly captures what's great about foaling season -- hopefully this big guy will be on track at Saratoga in a few years!  I'll have pictures of the Bliss babies as soon as they are safely foaled.

With Spring right around the corner and with daylight savings time now in place, we find much to look forward to on the horse front.  We have three horses who are all healthy and working toward active racing this spring and summer, two of our mares have yet to foal, and we have a few horses on the ground that we will follow through sales and training for other owners.  Lots to draw our attention for sure.  Here's the latest on the horses:

Crawfish Shorts - The gelding's second race was one in which we all had high hopes for a strong performance only to see him drop out of contention on the backstretch and then close mildly with great urging down the stretch -- we were actually pleased to find out that there was a reason for his poor performance.  The bad news is he jammed his knee during the running of the race and is now recuperating from that injury, with the horse never really showing us whether our faith in his ability was warranted.  The better news is that he is progressing nicely and we hope will be able to get back to a race fairly soon -- he is working steadily under the tutelage of trainer Tom Morley and we look forward with hope and some trepidation to his next start.

Prima Attrice - The filly has blossomed over the past few months and trainer David Duggan and his wife Lara -- Prima's regular exercise rider -- are pleased with the progress she has made since arriving on track. She has been working steadily to her first start and we believe we will have a solid turf filly to get us through the racing season.  She is showing she may have some talent and we are hopeful that she'll be ready to roll when they open turf racing in New York this April.

I Like Your Style - The horse I am most pleased to report on is our three year old filly, I Like Your Style.  While she has always been a good looking horse, she had been a bit on the smaller side and not as mature as she needed to be to face the rigors of racing.  That is no longer the case.  This weekend I saw firsthand the benefits of being patient with a horse and letting them grow and show you when they're ready to go to the track -- the filly has grown and filled out, nearly reaching 16 hands and showing the balance, bone development, overall muscle, and perhaps most critical -- attitude that says she is ready to head to the track.  In only a few months she has changed dramatically, no longer the shy school girl, she's ready for competition.  Here are some pictures (videos of I Like Your Style walking are available at he Bliss Racing Stables' Facebook page) to show you how good she looks:


I Like Your Style has filled out quite nicely as the photo on the left shows.  In just the past two months she has grown and matured into a racehorse!











She has her mother's lovely head and enjoys "striking" a pose.



















I Like Your Style has not only matured physically, now standing close to 16 hands, but is also very much mentally into her game.  She will be headed to the track by the end of March.













A Happy Ending

The story of Bella Attrice was almost a very sad one after a close call for her after yet another tumultuous foaling event when she was not able to carry her foal this year to term, and Bella herself was in the clinic close to death.  The tough mare got through a severe bout of colic and was back at the farm recovering nicely and we decided she would no longer be a broodmare, rather that she should live out her life as happily as she could.  To truly make her and us happy, we connected with her former groom and friend Ronnie who has kept tabs on Bella since they were together at the racetrack.  Familiar with Bella in her racing days, Ronnie has always had a place in her heart and a picture on her refrigerator of the beautiful Bella -- she has checked in faithfully and even has been out to visit her on the farm the past few years.  Reconnecting Bella with Ronnie seemed like a perfect fit and I'm happy to report that Bella was delivered to her new owner last weekend and will spend her days as Ronnie's riding partner and companion, a full circle connection for both.   While we're sad Bella won't be at the farm for us to visit, her strong will and personality will be well suited to the attention and regular fussing that Ronnie will deliver.  Please join us in thanking Ronnie for giving Bella an interesting and new life as well as wishing them both the best on this new phase of their journey together.

 Let's get through this last cold snap and winter storm and hope for some real Spring fun at the track and the farm.

Have a great week,