For Pete's Sake . . .

Hopefully you enjoyed the terrific racing this weekend - the Breeders Cup longshots really made the day exciting and kept a few of us kicking ourselves for picking Saturday as the day to get off the Bar of Gold bandwagon! Anyway, I hope you cashed a few tickets and enjoyed all the racing and college football which made for quite a fine weekend.

As some of you may know, one of the things Bliss Racing prides itself on it always finding a good home for our horses once their racing days are over.  We've done this through friends and friends of friends who are knowledgeable horse people who understand the outstanding athletes Thoroughbreds are and are committed to ensuring they are well cared for all their lives.  To that end, we are once again in need of finding a landing spot for one of our very special horses, Prima Attrice -- or Pete as we call her.  Pete has grown into an imposing, good looking specimen -- one who trained well enough, but never quite stepped her game up to compete on the NYRA circuit.  We are in the process of "letting her down" from racing, i.e., easing her from bucking and jumping in her stall to the point she can safely be turned out in a round pen, then eventually let loose in a pasture without hurting herself or anyone else.  Below are some lovely photos of Pete taken just this weekend and we hope they entice someone to take her on so that she can start a new adventure in her life.  She is 4 years old and was minimally raced -- she is sound and in excellent condition as the photos will attest.  Here are some shots of Pete, who is now available for adoption to the right owner:






Here she is checking out her new digs.




















Here's looking at you, Pete!














Standing among the pumpkins . . . .





And two more shots showing us how pretty our big girl is -- and she is a good sized filly for sure!


As nice as Pete looks, we're hoping it won't be long for her to find a new owner who will treat her as well as we have since she was born  - please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about her!

Consider what a great horse you would be getting -- For Pete's Sake!!

Take care,