Bella, Bella, Bella!!

Happy New Year!

As always, the first day of January triggers many to look back, remember (and in some cases learn from) our individual and collective history as well as spurring on others to renew promises and redraft "to do" lists for the future.  We get so caught up in the back, forward, back, forward, we sometimes miss the present.  So, here's my latest stream of consciousness ramblings focusing on the present followed by some pictures of the horses -- as the title of today's update suggests, I'm (as always) obsessed with our first baby, Bella Attrice and there is a preponderance of photos of the most beautiful, smartest, horse in the world -- that doesn't sound biased, does it?

Let's start with the ramifications of yesterday's games - we have a rematch of Clemson and Alabama next Monday night. While many think Clemson was the better team last year and lost only because of the onside kick trickery of Coach Saban, others are looking forward to what will certainly be a great game. Clemson has a not so bad QB and Alabama's defense should give him something to think about.  Looking forward to a great game next week -- I will not be surprised by a win from either side, but ask yourself, can you really root for a team with such an ugly color orange uniform?!?! You have to go with the classic crimson -- ROLL TIDE!

How about the news we got this week on our newly gelded -- 3 year old, Crawfish Shorts? (BTW - Happy Birthday to all our horses, since all thoroughbreds are considered a year older on January 1 regardless of when their actual birthday is.)  Since being gelded, Crawfish Shorts seems to have moved forward considerably -- 20 lengths or so -- and put in a bullet work effort on Thursday of this week at Belmont. While we've been around long enough to know that a bullet work doesn't mean too much in the scheme of things and doesn't necessarily directly correlate with W's in the afternoon at the track, it is a positive sign and one that we hope indicates he can be competitive on the NYRA circuit. He will have 3 or 4 works and then we'll be looking for a race for him -- more on that soon!

Prima Attrice and I Like Your Style remain at In Front racing and we're hoping they too will be at the races in 2017!

Now on to the HUSKIES!  The Northeastern Huskies men's basketball team yesterday added the in conference William & Mary team to a list of teams they have beaten which now includes Connecticut, Michigan State and BU.  Uneven so far this year, the Huskies have the potential to have a strong record this season -- hopefully to win their conference and head off to the big dance in March - best of luck to the Huskies!

And now on to a visit to the farm on Friday by a group that included grown up versions of the boys that were there when we bought our first mare, Irish Actress almost 15 years ago.   Now much larger than when we first introduced them to Irish and with lovely girlfriends to enjoy the horses with, the boys and their mom set out on a beautiful sunny day following a snowfall the night before.  Below are some of the pictures from that day, but before we get to the pictures I wanted to be sure that the Crotty's, Sauer's, and Fosters know how much our involvment on the breeding ...and racing side of things has meant to me and others we've been lucky enough to have join us over the years.  The horses are no doubt absolutely beautiful and offer great hope.  But there have been highs and lows with them -- along with long periods of what might be called "drought" in terms of our returns from these special creatures - none of us would be where we are with the horses if we were on our own, so thanks for staying in this together . . . .2017 will be our year (see? I'm looking ahead . . .).

Anyway, we were able to visit with Bella Attrice, her full sister Irishtocat, and the middle child in the family, Strikealinethruit.  All pregnant and looking particularl healthy and happy -- thanks to Cheryl and Michael's great care at the farm.  We're looking forward to foaling season which will begin for our mares in March . . . here's some photos from the day:






Bella Attrice looking beautiful . . . as always!



Strikealinethruit makes friends with Gabby 


Irishtocat ruling the paddock -- don't mess with her carrots!


Another shot of Bella Attrice  . . .


Irishtocat gets some love!




Talk about "strike-ing" a pose . . . Strikealinehthruit enjoys her admirers.

And, now to substantiate this update's title, here are more pictures of the lovely



As always, please let me know if you would like to see the mares on the farm or make a visit to In Front or the track to see those in training.  Foaling season starts soon and it is quite hectic at the farm, but seeing the newborns is really quite special.  We're looking forward to all our mares getting through the season safely and giving us some strong, athletic . . and of course, fast and beautiful babies just like their mamas!!!

All the best to you and your family in 2017 -- here's hoping we can build on the highs and lows of the past years with the horses and enjoy, celebrate and revel in a successful year ahead for all those directly involved or indirectly supporting our horses!

Happy New Year!