Bella, Bella, Bella!!

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Posted by mike
Bella, Bella, Bella!!

Happy New Year! As always, the first day of January triggers many to look back, remember (and in some cases learn from) our individual and collective history as well as spurring on others to renew promises and redraft "to do" lists for the future.  We get so caught up in the back, forward, back, forward, we sometimes miss the present.  So, here's my latest stream of consciousness ramblings focusing on the present followed by some pictures of the horses -- as the title of today's update suggests, I'm (as always) obsessed with our first baby, Bella Attrice and there is a preponderance of photos of the most beautiful, smartest, horse in the world -- that doesn't sound biased, does it? Let's start with the ramifications of yesterday's games - we have a rematch of Clemson and Alabama next Monday night. While many think Clemson was the better team last year and lost only because of the onside kick trickery of Coach Saban, others are looking forward to what will certainly be a great game. Clemson has a not so bad QB and Alabama's defense should give him something to think about.  Looking forward to a great game next week -- ...

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