Crawfish Shorts, I Like Your Style!


I thought it would be good to start with an "aw gee, isn't she pretty" moment to announce the birth of our new Shackleford - Strikealinethruit filly, born on February 26.  We are pleased with how well this lovely, long-legged filly is doing and want to thank Michael and Cheryl for the care they are giving her and for allowing me to be there for the birth .  .  . by the way, there would have been really great photos of the step by step process of the birth but my camera was on manual mode and I can't see without glasses, so we have some very blurry images that won't mean a thing to anyone . . . oh well, we did get some good shots at other times, but you will have to scroll down to see those.  

It has been some time since I updated the Web site, though partners have been getting regular updates on their horses.   The good thing about not staying on top of the Web site is that there's a lot to report -- see?, starting out with a positive slant, not grousing about bad drivers, or people who talk loudly on their phone when on the train/in the supermarket/etc., or about the absence of depth in the pool of presidential candidates.  (See how I deftly avoided religion while hitting other key hot buttons to avoid in any conversation/social situation?)   OK, so you don't need me to provide insights to my stream of consciousness update . . . let's just say it has been a while and that the ups and downs of being involved with the horses have continued.

First, we're pleased that we've put together our first 2 horse partnership begining in 2016 with two exciting young horses.   The naming of the horses was a lot of fun and at the end of the day, the group came up with a Peyton Manning commercial-inspired name for the colt and filly:

        Introducing our colt - Crawfish Shorts


        Introducing our filly - I Like Your Style


We had many good names suggested but as the voting got close there was agreement that the humorous play on the commercial in which Peyton wears crawfish shorts as he swings a golf club and says (to the tune of the insurance company's slogan), "Crawfish shorts, I like your style"  - was the best choice for this year's babies.   Of course, as it was pointed out by someone, when the horse does go to the races, all the partners will be expected to show up in . . . .yep, crawfish shorts.   And then again, maybe not.   Anyway, the two horses have gone through their initial training and have progressed very nicely as they begin their 2 year old season -- we will start back up on them in a few weeks with hopes that both will be racing prospects for the 2016 season.  


The colt has taken every step in stride and seems unflappable while the filly is bit more on edge and took a wee bit longer to settle into her training. 

At left, Sue and Deb let Crawfish Shorts (Shortie to us) know that Peyton isn't the only one who likes crawfish shorts.


At right, new partners Anny and Vinny get to spend some quality time with I Like Your style -- who seems to like their's.

Both two year olds now understand the basics of track life and will continue to learn what it means to be a race horse.

If anyone is interested, we still have a few shares left in the 2 year old package!





Speaking of race horses, we also have the very lovely 3 year old filly, Prima Attrice, who is back in training after a minor setback at the end of her 2 year old season.  Prima has begun light training and should be ready to return to on-track training at the end of March, with hopes to get her to the races in late April/early May. 



Prima has grown into her large frame and is progressing without a hitch at this point.  

As you can see from the photos at right and below, Prima's attitude is "American Pharoah who?" as her adoring owners snap pictures and get up and close and personal with her during a visit this past fall.






We have high hopes for Prima Attrice as a 3 year old - all these smiles tell you how much we're looking forward to having some fun with her this year!

On the broodmare front, we start with one of the "downs" -- our lovely Bella Attrice failed to carry this year's foal to term.  The poor thing has had more than her share of "bad luck" and we'll give it one more try -- she is in Kentucky and will be bred to Verrazano for 2017.  Keep your fingers crossed -- she/we need the good mojo.



At the same time, Irishtocat (at left) was due this past weekend and as you can see from the photo taken Saturday morning, she is carrying a lot of baby.  She is in foal to New Year's Day and we're crossing our fingers for a healthy foal from this very attractive mare.  She has been booked to Take Charge Indy for her 2017 foal.


Meanwhile, as our update lead indicated, we are absolutely thrilled with Strikealinethruit's Shackleford filly born on Friday, February 26.   With this little miss, we once again enjoy the prospects of hoping and wishing that she will one day be an Alabama winner -- what could be better than that?!  Anyway, I did manage to get some nice photos initially after she was born and the next day when she was 2Gracie2.png4 hours old . . . .


In the photo at right, the newborn filly is still attached to the umbilical cord and her mama is getting a well deserved breather.  Strikealinethruit is not an overly large mare, and this good sized filly required a fair amount of exertion to deliver.











At left, Cheryl helps the new filly learn to stand while just minutes old.  As far as a barn name goes, we will call the filly Grace (I mean, Grace Kelly was one of the prettiest women of all time and our little girl is certainly of that caliber of beauty don't you think?).  Grace/Gracie will be her name around the barn until she is old enough for an official name.








In the photo at right, Strikealinethruit gets to know her newborn filly for the first time.  This is Strikealinethruit's second foal, so this time around she was a little better prepared for the "thing" that showed up sharing her stall  . . .









Below the beautiful Grace at little more than 24 hours old rests while her mama Strikealinethruit stands protectively over her little girl.  Gracie is already out daily and we expect her to grow into a real looker -- her mama, Strikealinethruit is booked to Freud for a 2017 foal.


So, as we enter the season of March madness on the courts -- go Huskies!! -- we have a concurrent March madness of our own on the Bliss front.   It should be time for Prima Attrice to head back to the racetrack at the end of the month and we expect to have another foal join the Bliss family in the next week  . . . very exciting.

With high hopes that this update finds you and your family doing well, here's a parting shot of our 2 year old heading back to the barn after a morning visit with the partners:


Have a good week -- back soon with news .  .  . I promise it won't be so long next time!