Crawfish Shorts, I Like Your Style!

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Posted by mike
Crawfish Shorts, I Like Your Style!

I thought it would be good to start with an "aw gee, isn't she pretty" moment to announce the birth of our new Shackleford - Strikealinethruit filly, born on February 26.  We are pleased with how well this lovely, long-legged filly is doing and want to thank Michael and Cheryl for the care they are giving her and for allowing me to be there for the birth .  .  . by the way, there would have been really great photos of the step by step process of the birth but my camera was on manual mode and I can't see without glasses, so we have some very blurry images that won't mean a thing to anyone . . . oh well, we did get some good shots at other times, but you will have to scroll down to see those.   It has been some time since I updated the Web site, though partners have been getting regular updates on their horses.   The good thing about not staying on top of the Web site is that there's a lot to report -- see?, starting out with a positive slant, not grousing about bad drivers, or people who talk loudly on their phone when on the train/in the ...

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