Gratia Plena

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Posted by mike
Gratia Plena

For those who remember their Latin - I'm sure there are many of us out there, right? -- the phrase gratia plena most immediately reminds us of its use in prayer, meaning "full of grace."   At this time of year, I'm reminded that there is another meaning for the term which is "full of thankfulness or gratitude" -- it is this translation that inspired today's musings (or babbling for those not interested in anything other than the nice pictures below).   While I'll refrain from commenting on recent events, I do want to remind all -- no matter where your thoughts or ideas place you on the political spectrum that we are all fortunate in so many ways.  From not having to think about where and how to obtain potable water on a daily basis to the ready access to food and shelter for all but a small percentage of our communities to the fact that we have freedoms and life options not available to many in the world, Americans have more than most for which to be truly grateful.  Now, we can all dread having to spend holidays with that one (or two) relative(s) who just get under your ...

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