Saratoga: A Room Without A Roof

We're happy here in Saratoga!  The excitement and crowds have been building over the past week, with the high expectations of so many in town almost palpable as horsemen, fans, and most importanlty, horses have been arriving in increasing numbers all week.  The energy throughout the Saratoga race meet is terrific and gives us all the opportunity to simply enjoy our surroundings and the phenomenal luck bestowed upon us to be alive and experience the season of merriment that is about to occur.

We have opening weekend, Travers, Alabama, two year old racing, the horse sales, parties, early morning workouts, and late night cocktails all to look forward to . . . and did I mention the best racing on the planet?  At least for the first part of the meet, we're sure to find people in high spirits out to have fun and just be . . . happy.   Certainly a nice distraction for so many caught up in their own lives, work problems or, worse yet, those big thinkers who carry the weight of the world's problems around with them -- it's a chance to lose our worries and join those traveling blithely ignorant of all travails in a Saratoga-induced layer of happiness.  While it's here, do step up to the plate and swing away at getting your share of the fun and the accompanying happiness.

How's that for not being negative??  (Notice the use of a double negative there -- pretty cool, huh?) . . .

Here's a quick update on the horses:

Prima Attrice - the Posse filly continues her preparations at In Front training.  We have not asked her for too much speed as yet, but they like what they see and we hope to see her on track with a trainer before too long. In the meantime, American Pharoah may have his fans, but so does Prima Attrice where it's hard to get a good photo for all those trying to get close to the lovely two year old:



Prima Attrice sure can strike a pose, wouldn't you say?Pete-1.png

We also saw that she also has much of the vim and vinegar that both her mom, Bella Attrice, and granddam, Irish Actress had as she went back to her stall after visiting her admirers:



Thirtycandan - We were thrilled a while back to receive a photo of our retired horse, Thirtycandan, whom Michael and Cheryl placed in a good home.  Thanks to many different people, Bliss horses have been able to find good homes, but we think it's important that people really know what that means.  As always, a picture is worth way more than 1,000 words of my babbling, so below is a photo of the always good-looking Thirtycandan.  As you may recall, the Kela - Dixie Bluebell gelding had a bad case of the slows while at the track, but he sure was athletic enough as the picture below indicates he is doing extremely well in his new career. It sure looks like both new owner and horse are happy:



Bella Attrice, Strikealinethruit, Irishtocat - All three mares are pregnant with plans for Irishtocat's Munnings filly to be weaned this week or so.   We're looking forward to better luck than we've had in recent years on the foaling end, and hope that all the mares produce nice foals in 2016. 

2015 Munnings and Birdstone foals -- Both Irishtocat's Munnings filly and Mia Gatto's Birdstone colt will be offered for sale at the October Fasig-Tipton Sale in Saratoga.  We're hoping that the early and well bred horses will attract the right buyers . . . more on that soon.

Handicapping this year will be a challenge for some, but not for those of us who have insights to the track, its quirks, and which horse has the "orange cap with the pink visser."  Then we'll know which horse to "place" our money on!  Here's to catching up with lots of out of town friends and visitors over the next seven weeks and high hopes for an outstanding meet and horse sales for all who are selling/buying.  This year, we most likely will not have a horse of ours running at Saratoga, but it will be a great meet just the same . . . and that's because we're just happy!

One final photo of the lovely Prima Attrice to send you on your way -- enjoy the Saratoga season!


P.S. Thanks to Sue for all the photos of Prima and thanks to Cheryl for sending us the photo of Thirtycandan in his new career.