Saratoga: A Room Without A Roof

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Posted by mike
Saratoga: A Room Without A Roof

We're happy here in Saratoga!  The excitement and crowds have been building over the past week, with the high expectations of so many in town almost palpable as horsemen, fans, and most importanlty, horses have been arriving in increasing numbers all week.  The energy throughout the Saratoga race meet is terrific and gives us all the opportunity to simply enjoy our surroundings and the phenomenal luck bestowed upon us to be alive and experience the season of merriment that is about to occur. We have opening weekend, Travers, Alabama, two year old racing, the horse sales, parties, early morning workouts, and late night cocktails all to look forward to . . . and did I mention the best racing on the planet?  At least for the first part of the meet, we're sure to find people in high spirits out to have fun and just be . . . happy.   Certainly a nice distraction for so many caught up in their own lives, work problems or, worse yet, those big thinkers who carry the weight of the world's problems around with them -- it's a chance to lose our worries and join those traveling blithely ignorant of all travails in a Saratoga-induced layer of happiness.  While ...

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