The Sure Thing

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Posted by mike
The Sure Thing

There are no sure things. Except death and taxes. . . .or that you'll get NYRA credentials if you're a partner in Bliss Racing. . . . and, that no matter how many times you watch your favorite movie, the end doesn't change - George will still run through Bedford Falls and Clarence will get his wings; however, which movie is my favorite changes all the time (in this instance I wanted one that was readily identifiable to make my point, so I used an obvious choice . . . right NOW may favorite is To Kill A Mockingbird, no it's Brian's Song . . . .) OK, maybe we can agree there aren't too many sure things.  Another sure thing is that if you're in a Bliss partnership, there will be opportunities to visit your horse and get to know them up close and personal as the photo above demonstrates. When it comes to horse racing, however, I do believe there are no sure things -- looking back, Secretariat might seem to have been a sure thing in his 31 length Belmont Stakes win, but before the race many people still thought Sham could beat him in the Belmont since Secretariat's sire Bold Ruler was not perceived to be anything more than ...

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