Bob's Your Uncle

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Posted by mike
Bob's Your Uncle

Our rock solid Irishtocat filly by hot second year sire, Munnings. Have you ever not quite gotten what a phrase is supposed to mean but you know from hearing it in context you have some idea of what is meant by the phrase?  Wikipedia says this about "Bob's your uncle": it's when a simple means of obtaining the successful result is explained.  So, American Pharoah wins the Derby, coasts in the Preakness, and with his breeding and running style, Bob's your uncle, American Pharoah's well on his way to a triple crown championship!  Or, you decide to exercise more, eat less, and Bob's your uncle, your thin and young again.  There's a bit of hitch to each of these examples -- Bob's your uncle should not be used when the means to the end aren't simple -- so just as it's hard to stay in shape, lose weight, etc., it's even harder to win horse racing's Triple Crown.  The fact is that once you turn 40, keeping weight off becomes a major endeavor -- in your younger years, losing a few pounds could be done with a few weeks' effort; once you're older,it's a major undertaking.  Likewise, it has been 37 ...

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