Say Her Name, Say Her Name

. . . and after much consternation, deliberation, obfuscation, contemplation, speculation, generalization, postulation, introspection, meditation, and a good degree of confusion, we came up with a name for our 2 year old Posse filly that honors her female heritage.  Thus, the first foal of Bella Attrice to make it to the races will be be known as:

Prima Attrice

Voting was close among partners and there was even a tie for our 2nd choice between Scathnglybrilliant and Remembered Hope, both nice names that we'll keep in our memory banks for the next round of deliberation, contemplation, etc.!  Here's some pictures of the beautiful Prima Attrice over the first 2 years of her life:


With mama, Bella Attrice, as a weanling above.


As a yearling last winter - - in that awkward stage . . .


Strutting her stuff, feeling good as a yearling last summer . .. and with a group of her owners below:


And now on to the our latest additions . . .I'm very happy to report that we had a beautiful Birdstone - Mia Gatto colt on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately my camera failed me and I don't have any photos for you of him, but I do have some very nice photos and a nice video of our Munnings - Irishtocat filly taken today . . . 


Next time I'll have photos of the lovely Birdstone - Mia Gatto colt -- in the meantime, there's a video of the filly in the snow today on the home page - click here for Munnings filly in the snow: