Bouncing Baby Bliss!

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Posted by mike
Bouncing Baby Bliss!

On February 9, 2015, the latest addition to Bliss Stable arrived! We are thrilled to introduce you to the beautiful Munnings - Irishtocat, by Tomorrow's Cat filly born early in the morning of February 9.   Unlike many of the big-blazed, chestnut Munnings foals we've seen, this filly has the familiar Irish Actress star and lovely dark brown or bay coloring of her mama and grand-dam.  We were fortunate to have "baby-Doc" Sue there along with Cheryl and Michael to ensure safe entry into the world - so thanks and congratulations to them on a job well done.  Despite reports that the often high-strung Irishtocat is very protective of the lovely miss, we found on our visit that she has adopted to this new role of motherhood without any missteps and is doing an outstanding job as our little filly adjusts to the frigid world she has so recently entered.  While consuming more than 5 pounds of carrots as a distraction, Irishtocat allowed us to take some photos of her little girl as the filly energetically bounded and leapt around the stall -- she sure is full of vim and vinegar and we couldn't be more pleased with her.  With a kind eye, a lovely ...

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