The Cold Doesn't Bother Us Anyway


While this winter has not been as bad as last year, we have been forced to suffer a high number of exceptionally frigid days.  Typically such diversions as today's Super Bowl would be a help in getting us through an otherwise dreary winter. Not so this time around - I am not sure about you but I really can't root for either team and not even the car commercials or half time show has me interested in watching.   (If you're intersted in either of those, I'm sure you'll be able to see them on Youtube at some point today.) And, no, I'm not just fed up with all the hullabaloo caused by the spycam using, ball-deflating, pushing the envelope on the substitution rules to just shy of out and out cheating Patriots.  I don't like them, but I don't particularly care for the Seahawks, so let's hope Netflix has a new series to check out . . . enough on the somewhat ironically named (at least this year anyway) Super Bowl and on to the horses.  As you can see from her picture, we have one beautful 2 year old filly on our hands.  Pete, as we called her when she was on the farm, is at In Front and has adjusted very nicely to her training.

According to Mike at In Front, who also worked with her multiple winning dam Bella Attrice, the filly will be good-sized when she has finished growing.  Remember horses aren't fully mature until they are five years old, though most have completed most of their growth by the end of their 3 year old season.  Mike also commented that the filly has long legs and a shorter back than her mother, who was predisposed to long races on the turf.  With the physical attributes the 2 year old possesses, a lot more possible distances and surfaces are open to her.  The plan is to give her a 30 day break to let her grow up a bit now that she is broken and understands the basics of training.  When she gets back into training, he will work with her adding speed work when she tells him she is up to it.  Though her dam didn't race until May of her 3 year old year, our plan is to move forward -- without pressing her -- to get this filly to the races at 2.  She is by Posse who recently had offspring win both the filly and colt stakes races for New York breds, so we know he can get 2 year old runners -- we'll see what we have with her.


In the meantime, we need to land on a name for the filly, and from the pictures you can see she has always been inquisitive and good looking. 

At right, Pete as she was known on the farm, explores just outside her stall when just a few days old.

Below, Bella Attrice keeps a watchful eye on her newborn filly who is saying hello to some of her owners.



As you look at the pictures of our now 2 year old filly when she was first born, I need to report that we haven't had much luck on the breeding end of things for 2015.  Both Bella Attrice and Strikealinethruit are no longer pregnant with a 2015 foal.   That said, they both will be given one more chance to hook up with a Kentucky stud.  Bella Attrice is scheduled to visit the court of Magician, the Breeders Cup Turf winner and son of leading international sire Galileo.  Strikealinethruit will head to a date with Shackleford, the gutty Preakness and mutlple Gr. 1 winner out of broodmare of the year Oatsee.  Although we were unlucky with these two mares, Irishtocat is in foal to quietly outstanding first year sire Munnings and we hope to have a healthy foal on the ground in the next week.  We also have an interest in the mare Mia Gatto who is in foal to Belmont and Travers winner Birdstone -- her foal should be here by March.   Both these mares will also head to Kentucky studs, with Irishtocat scheduled to have a date Breeders Cup Juvenile winner New Year's Day and Mia Gatto's baby-daddy not yet decided upon.  

This weekend we just delivered four mares to Kentucky and we're hoping those who are not pregnant will get in foal on an early cover and then we can get them back to New York safely in the Spring.  

Last year's foal, Strikealinthruit's Langfuhr filly - Dani - is doing well and we hope to get her entered in the Saratoga New York bred sale this summer.  If not there, we plan to sell her at a sale in the Fall.  A solid filly, Dani has been doing very well and celebrated her first actual birthday yesterday, the same day as our friends Patty and Jim - they are a lot older than the filly and we'll leave it at that.  Happy Birthday to all three -- and speaking of happy birthdays, today is my niece's birthday and tomorrow is Bliss partner Deb's birthday -- so Happy Birthday to all.

Speaking of partners, I want to thank all who have gotten in on this filly -- once again, we hope we have a runner on our hands and we will do everything we can to make sure she has every chance to develop into a solid racehorse.   We had a group down to see her a few weeks back and as you can see from the photo, the filly certainly knows how to suck up to her audience -- she was graceful, interested in all going on around her, and very athletic as she went about her business.  After the exercise, she was a lot of fun to be around as the picture below indicates -- any partners who want to meet her, please let me know and we can set up a time that works for you.   Here's the last group's photo with our brilliant filly.



They sure look like a happy group, don't they?   Many of the group in on this filly also were in on Stephanie's Secret and I wanted to provide you with brief update on that horse -- Stephanie has begun her training to be a show/jumping horse.   She will begin more arduous training when the weather is better, but for know she is learning the ropes of the show horse life and is being introduced to the jumping/show arena.   As we do with all our horses, we make sure they are place where they can have a good life and hopefully a second career -- many thanks to all who helped us place Stephanie and to those who have helped us find homes for our other horses once their racing days were over.  

OK, if you've read this far, thank you, but anyone who knows me knows, I just can't be nice and report out and there are few other odds and ends I need to get to:

-- especially the day after a long trip down and back to Kentucky through the State of Ohio.  What is it about that state?  The drivers have no idea that anyone else is on the road and they have not invested any money on snow removal or road maintenance -- if they have, it's never obvious when you go through the State in the winter -- write down the name of the state of Ohio and . . . .STRIKEALINETHRUIT!!

-- Why do people say "to tell you the truth" or "I need to be honest with you" or "I won't lie to you" before making a statement -- why do they feel the need to say that? Are they lying most of the time they open their mouths and only when what they're saying has the intro should we listen?  How else can you respond than, "oh gee, I like it better when you don't tell me/us what's really going on so we can all be in the dark"  . . . it's especially annoying when an expert has been invited to discuss a topic or issue on national TV or the radio -- is that preface to your comments really necessary??! Do you think they asked you on the show to spread a load of bull or say anything but the truth??? . . .now, I can be nice. . . .kind of . . .

- Congratulations to our friend Coach Coen's Northeastern Huskies - he's got a good team this year though it looks like they will need to win the CAA tournament to get to the big dance.   Let's hope for his players and the other coaches, including Coach Murphy, that this is the year Northeastern makes the NCAA tournament.

- Congratulations also to our friend Barbara Livingston who won her third Eclipse Award for photography.  Barbara was kind enough to feature Irish Actress in her book More Old Friends and has always been very nice to us - put that with her exceptional photography skills and you've the whole package. Great job Barbara.

- Best of luck to our friend Tony who is in the process of naming four 2 year olds he has -- he also will be bringing back his stakes winning Langfuhr horse, Spring to the Sky, for what we hope will be a successfu 2015 campain.

- Another of our friends receiving national recognition is our friend Michael who recently had his picture and quote about the stallion Magician in the national TDN update -- very heady stuff!

Finally, I wanted to share a photo of one of my favorite horses we've been involved with -- named by Poppy after the Bob Dylan song, Lyke A Hurricane was probably the fastest horse we've ever owned -- for four furlongs.  He won races at Belmont, Saratoga, and Finger Lakes for us and he was an outstanding physical specimen -- when we last heard from his current owners he was doing well as a riding horse in Pennsylvania.   Below is a wonderful wintry picture taken of him years ago. 


That's all for now -- I hope you stay warm.  As the Frozen-inspired title of today's update suggests, we're not going to let any stinkin' weather keep us down.   Take care all!!