What's Her Name?

A name.  A moniker. A word or words by which we are known. A name.  Pete3.png

For our 2013 Posse - Bella Attrice (by Tomorrow's Cat) filly (at right), we had opened up the naming process to the partners on her to come up with some ideas/suggestions for naming the new filly.  Of course, we have to abide by the Jockey Club rules -- no longer than 18 characters including spaces, nothing tawdry or suggestive, and none that are derogatory in any way (there are more, but basically, not too long and keep it clean!).  In the past, naming has been a lot of fun with wild, goofy ideas giving us an opportunity to laugh and not take things too seriously -- to enjoy the process.  I guess one of the downsides of doing something such as coming up with a name by committee and by e-mail is an appreciation of those that are serious entries and those that are suggested just to test the waters by the other partners.  Without face-to-face time, it's easy to understand how people might miss the fun behind a name like Whatkindabread or the positive energy and hope along with the tie to the theater (Irish Actress...a song from Cabaret -- get it?) of  Maybe This Time, or the flat out respect for Irish heritage of Banlaoch or 'Tis Herself.

What I've learned is that our partners are passionate about getting her name right, and that's quite a good thing.  Think about it -- most people go through the day with mundane activities lowering their energy levels, along with their interest in a wide array of events and activities that probably deserve more attention.  Internet, phones, TV, all provide instant access yet constant interruptions -- for those like me who have a hard time focusing and closing out unnecessary or extra stimuli, it all becomes too much more often than not.  The result is that I find myself trudging along not paying enough attention to most things.  So, when I saw the level of thought and interest among the partners in getting our filly's name right, I was thrilled.   Which leads us to the current situation -- we have a filly who is beautiful as you can see.  We have partners who are animated and excited about her prospects.   Now we have to put the two together to build on the partners' enthusiasm and appropriately name the filly with something worthy of her.   Take a look at some of the recent photos of her and some of the partners visiting her in December and see what name(s) might come to mind:  

JKKolbe1.pngI am not sure about you, but with the love she is showing for her new partners . . . she seems to be quite smart, astoundingly so in knowing who she needs to take care of her.  









She's making Bob happy . . .










Kolbe9.pngand the family happy . . .










she already has learned to have a saddle on her and listen to her rider, so she is increadibly astute, smart -- perhaps even gifted intellectually  . . .


...did I mention she makes kids happy and also knows how to cozy up to Mom? ...cunning, brilliant horse, wouldn't you say?  Most certainly a beauty . . .



Now that you've seen photos that indicate the depth of her talents, what name truly captures the essence of this lovely daughter of Bella Attrice (whose name in Italian means beautiful actress) who was in turn the daughter of stakes winnner Irish Actress?  Do we continue on the Celtic flip to Italian (Attrice Veloce, for example), just use the Irish, honor the inherent brilliance and beauty of the filly?  What to do, what to do . . . we'll have to let this process simmer for a little while longer before making a final decision.  Finding a name has not been as easy as I had hoped, but the level of interest and enthusiasm sure is exciting . . . .so we'll hold off on the decision while the jury is out, build up the excitement levels and anticipation, and be back to you before too long (by the end of the month) with a final decision based on all the ideas we've received.

In the interim, the filly remains in her initial training and is making good progress -- any partner who would like to go down to see her, please let me know and we can make arrangements for you to see her up close and personal. 

Until the next time we can continue to ponder the answer to the question at hand:  What's her name?

Stay warm,


P.S.  Great to see how well the Northeastern Huskies are playing this year . . .and the Patriots are cheaters, no matter what they say!