What's Her Name?

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Posted by mike
What's Her Name?

A name.  A moniker. A word or words by which we are known. A name.   For our 2013 Posse - Bella Attrice (by Tomorrow's Cat) filly (at right), we had opened up the naming process to the partners on her to come up with some ideas/suggestions for naming the new filly.  Of course, we have to abide by the Jockey Club rules -- no longer than 18 characters including spaces, nothing tawdry or suggestive, and none that are derogatory in any way (there are more, but basically, not too long and keep it clean!).  In the past, naming has been a lot of fun with wild, goofy ideas giving us an opportunity to laugh and not take things too seriously -- to enjoy the process.  I guess one of the downsides of doing something such as coming up with a name by committee and by e-mail is an appreciation of those that are serious entries and those that are suggested just to test the waters by the other partners.  Without face-to-face time, it's easy to understand how people might miss the fun behind a name like Whatkindabread or the positive energy and hope along with the tie to the theater (Irish ...

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