Iz You Really Real?


"Iz You Really Really or Iz Your Really Fake?" is but one of the great lines from Aloe Blecc's song "The Man."  Along with "be a king when kingdom comes" and other bits of wisdom, it's always amazing to me that a catchy pop tune like that can be so profound -- if not truly thought-provoking, it at least provides fodder for future names of race horses.  Which is where this latest update is headed - can you think of a better pairing of names for a two horse partnership than Iz U Really Real and Iz U Really Fake?  Sure you can, but I'm hung up on those two and am looking for some clever ideas to get me inspired and beyond my latest distraction -- and, no, Fric and Frac won't cut it.

Speaking of distractions -- sorry my ADHD has been in high gear this summer and I can't stay on one topic too long -- I only recently got hooked on Breaking Bad and realized how far outside the cool circles I travel; the show is over and done with by the time I realized how terrific (and awful) a show that was.  The characters are so well developed and compelling and I have never seen a transformation or development of a character like Walter White's over the 5 seasons - of course, the depth of the Jesse Pinkman character held the highest appeal for me and by the end was as likeable a character any meth chemist could be!  If you haven't seen it, get Netflix and watch from start to finish -- block out lots of time, because you'll be hooked and your lawn will be overgrown, you'll be bleary-eyed at work, and your laundry will pile up . . . hey, maybe the intent of Netflix is to give us all a bit of the meth-head lifestyle by sucking us in and wiping out our ability to perform normal activities of daily living??? mmmm.... I think I'm on to something.

Not only has Netflix provided major distractions for me, but that little place down the road from my house also started running races 6 days a week and that too has proven to be quite the immobilizer -- betting, having beverages, and watching the finest racing in America has kept me from my usual responsibilties.  Not that I'm complaining, I'm just sayin' . . .

Saratoga this year started off with spectacular weather and racing, with NYRA actually being prepared for the crowds for a change -- TV's were working, betting machines also worked, and ... you can now actually hear the race call at the track with a new sound system!!  You would think such trivial items should not be noteworthy but NYRA has been the epitome of poor management and a union-hamstrung workplace that doesn't know how to get out of its own way and focus on the product they are marketing or serving its customers.  There clearly have been some baby steps in the right direction which is good to see.  More importantly, the level of racing has been excellent and racing fans have been able to enjoy solid cards with high level horses appearing each day, a tradition that has been upheld fairly well by the new NYRA administration.   There are many negatives that I could point out, but why be negative?  ... oh, perhaps because a reliable sourse reports that NYRA has taken a Nazi-esque approach to the freedom of speech rights of its press room and has barred a member for allegedly writing unflattering reports of NYRA's management of Saratoga.  Yep, right in step with other appointees of Governor Cuomo's administration, the NYRA leadership sees it fitting to punish anyone daring to express themselves or honestly report on this quasi-governmental management team.   Enough negativity, but it is a problem . . . let's get on to the horses:

Stephanie's Secret is scheduled to make her first start as a 3 year old at NYRA's Saratoga race course tomorrow -- we're excited that our trainer George Weaver has had such a terrific start to this season and hope some of his good mojo will help us out in this event.    Young jockey Dylan Davis has been assigned the ride and we're hoping a "hungry" rider like him will put her in the best position to show us where she belongs on the racing circuit.  All the best to Stephanie's Secret in tomorrow's 2nd race!!

Danni6-14.pngBack at the farm, Strikealinethruit's weanling Langfuhr filly continues to impress us with her athleticism and sturdy conformation -- she will be weaned at summer's end and we'll hope to get her in the sales at Saratoga next year as a yearling.  For this year, our friends have a 3 horse consignment for the NY-bred sale that we hope will do them proud.   Bella Attrice and Irishtocat, along with Strikealinethruit, all are in foal for 2015 and we're hoping to have a good group from them to bring to the sales down the road.

Pete, our 2013 Posse filly out of Bella Attrice, has grown into a very good-sized athletic filly who looks like she'll make a good race horse -- we will get more information out on her as a potential partnership horse in the near future.   Putting a package for 2015 of two horses is our goal at this point -- information should be up on the site soon!

Congratulations are in order to our friend Tony, whose Spring to the Sky won the Lucky Coin stakes at Saratoga -- winning any race at Saratoga is a significant accomplishment but winning a stakes race there is quite the achievement.  What makes this win even more special is that Tony grew up just blocks from the track and he was able to have his family and friends join him in the winner's circle for this memorable win -- great job Spring to the Sky!!!

Finally, the Fasig-Tipton yearling sales will be coming up this weekend and next, with the NY Bred sale one we'll be particularly keen to follow the results of -- if you've never been, you should attend to see this fascinating process and the amounts of money some people will pay for untried racehorses with no guarantee they will ever get into the starting gate.

All our good wishes for a fine showing from Stephanie's Secret tomorrow at Saratoga as well as for you to have a terrific Saratoga season!!

And remember, if you have better ideas for a pair of racehorses than Iz U Really Real and Iz U Really Fake, please send those suggestions my way!!

Have fun,