Iz You Really Real?

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Posted by mike
Iz You Really Real?

"Iz You Really Really or Iz Your Really Fake?" is but one of the great lines from Aloe Blecc's song "The Man."  Along with "be a king when kingdom comes" and other bits of wisdom, it's always amazing to me that a catchy pop tune like that can be so profound -- if not truly thought-provoking, it at least provides fodder for future names of race horses.  Which is where this latest update is headed - can you think of a better pairing of names for a two horse partnership than Iz U Really Real and Iz U Really Fake?  Sure you can, but I'm hung up on those two and am looking for some clever ideas to get me inspired and beyond my latest distraction -- and, no, Fric and Frac won't cut it. Speaking of distractions -- sorry my ADHD has been in high gear this summer and I can't stay on one topic too long -- I only recently got hooked on Breaking Bad and realized how far outside the cool circles I travel; the show is over and done with by the time I realized how terrific (and awful) a show that was.  The characters are ...

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