Back At It

Danni6-14.pngSS-6-7-14A.pngAbove is Danni - Strikealinethruit's beautiful Langfughr filly -- we think she'll be shedding that furry coat soon!

And left - the beautiful Stephanie's Secret, now back in training . . .


It has been some time since the last posting, but partners on Stephanie's Secret have been getting updates through e-mail so I'm not going to beat myself up too much about the lapse.  After a truly exciting triple crown season, we are about to begin a new racing year for the Bliss Racing partners.  We have given the filly Stephanie's Secret a few months of R&R and she has been back under saddle for a while and starting to breeze regularly (see the video on the home page to see how much energy she has after last week's breeze).  


As you can see from the photos, the filly looks great and seems to have grown up a bit and is described as being "a lot more horse" than she was even a few months ago -- we need to always remember that even though horses race at 2 and 3, they are fully mature until their 4 and 5 year old seasons. It isn't until age 5 that fillies become mares and colts become horses.  Given that, our youngster is looking pretty good as the photos above will attest.

The plan is to get her to Saratoga this week -- to the Oklahoma track and George Weaver -- and after a few weeks with him, we should know whether the maturation process and time off have left us with a competitive racing filly for the summer and fall.  More on that after she gets to George.

As for our other horses, here are few updates on those who are no longer racing:

Thirtycandan - the always pretty horse had found a home a few years back but ultimately that home did not work out and we were asked to take him back.  Only with the support of Cheryl and Michael were we able to get him to the safety of their barn and then they almost immediately found a home for him with one of their many friends -- what could have been a difficult situation was made a very good one in the end through their kindness and help.  Take a look at the beautiful Thirtycandan below -- so, thanks to them!


Ishkabibble - the filly retired at the end of the year and was in light training with her new owners who wrote just last week to say they placed her in Wellington - a posh community near Palm Beach, Florida -- where she will become a polo pony and lead a very pampered life.   I am so pleased with this news and hope you will be too - thanks so much to Kristine for taking her and finding her such a terrific home!  As an aside, that Dixie Bluebell may not always have gotten us runners, but all her foals have been good looking and athletic -- this is the second of her babies who has gone on to the polo pony circuit, following older sister Our Grey Girl who is on the Chinese all-grey polo team.

Pippa - the filly we sold last fall has been named -- Moon Asquifar -- and apparently is in training in Mexico where we hope she will do well enough to warrant coming back to race in NY so that we can get some breeding bonuses!  Seriously, we hope she does well for her new owners and that remains safe and well cared for.

Strikealinethruit and Danni - Strikealinethruit and her chestnut Langfuhr filly, who we call Danni -- short for Mary Kate Danaher from The Quiet Man (the movie Strike's name came from), are doing very well now that they are back in Fort Edward.  Strike has been paired up with another broodmare and her foal and Dani and her buddy are enjoying this time to grow and have fun on the farm.  Strikealinethruit is in foal to Cape Blanco and will have a February foal if everything goes well.



Pictures of  Danni and momma, Strikealinethruit.  


Irishtocat - the temperamental and bossy mare did not have a foal in 2014 and is in foal to Munnings with a January foal likely, again if all goes well.

Bella Attrice - the ever-stunning mare is in foal to Travers winner Stay Thirsty for 2015 and should have a February foal.   We were honored recently to have a fan of Bella's come out to visit her - Ronnie, who was her groom and hotwalker in Bella's racing days, was reunited with her old friend and I hear had quite a nice time together.  It's nice to know that Bella generated that kind of admirer -- we think she's spectacular so it's nice others think so too.

Pete - Bella's 2013 Posse filly is extremely athletic and a standout among the yearlings on the farm.  There'll be more on her soon!


Since you are aware by now of my infatuation with all things Bella, here are more photos than you'll probably care to see of her and her outstanding Posse filly, Pete.  The top two are Bella Attrice and the next series of 10 are Pete in flight - - I was impressed by her stride and hope you will be too! 














And the lovely Bella Attrice strides out above.  Like her mother, the athletic Pete below takes a tour of the paddock leaving all her pasturemates in her wake!


Now for our friend's horses:

Bug Juice - Our Blue Streaks were able to claim back their 2 year old NY bred Champion and he promptly rewarded them with a nice win at long odds.  Great to see the gelding over any physical issues and back with those who picked him out as a weanling.

Spring to the Sky - Our friend Tony's horse has been running fairly well but has been in some tough spots of late, with a little class relief and the right trip, he should put things together for a nice win -- hopefully this summer at Saratoga??

Crushing - Rita's boy finally got another win - always competitive, it was nice to see him win a race a little while back!

The Lady Says YES! - the filly bred by Michael and Cheryl won a very nice allowance race this week, with a running style very similar to Strikealinethruit, she is an easy filly to root for coming from way out of it and  always running well.  It was nice to see her get another win and hopefully she will move to NY bred stakes company before too long.

OK, now on to our friend Sue who has become an assistant midwife on the farm -- congratulations to her for her assisting the foaling of 6 beautiful babies now doing well at the farm.  Two born on the same day have been nicknamed after her -- she is still smiling about it.  Nice job Sue!

Finally, thanks to all the partners for their patience with Stephanie's Secret -- our position of letting the horse and the horsemen tell us what's best -- demands the patience you have shown.  We hope that doing right by the horse will pay off as she does well for us in the coming months.

I hope you enjoy the week and I won't be so long between updates next time - take care,




Right one more of  Stephanie's Secret.

Below one more of the lovely yearling Pete and our weanling filly, Danni.