Daring Greatly . . . and other thoughts

Bella-head.pngSo, I've been completely mesmerized by the Roosevelt series that has been on TV recently -- I must not have paid enough attention in history classes, because while I learned about all three who were featured, I learned the most about and was most impressed with Teddy.  He consistently applied himself and lived what he preached about entering the fray and not -- as Garth Brooks would say -- standing outside the fire.  In one of his great speeches, Teddy urges folks to apply themselves and try to accomplish a goal -- he lauds the assiduous who are as he says, daring greatly, to participate and make a difference/attain a goal, and he shows disdain for those who sit idly by afraid to try something new or exert themselves for fear of failure.  Basically, if you're not making any mistakes, you're also not doing anything.  All these principles and ideas certainly appeal to me, but I also started thinking about the horses we race as well.   We want a horse that tries, exhibits a gameness that allows them to exceed any expectations their physical make-up or breeding would suggest would be possible.   A horse daring to be great is more than anyone can hope for -- and one that we continue to try to find to reach success.

Of course the name Daring Greatly is taken according to the Jockey Club register, so it would be a no go as a potential race horse name -- not an originaly thought on my part -- but the sentiment is one that we can embrace both in our racing pursuits as well as our personal endeavors.  It's sure nice to be thinking about something a little more deeply than what time the next Big Bang episode will be on . . . and speaking of multiple airings of TV shows, do NOT subscribe to Netflix if you are at all easily lulled into a multi-hour TV watching feast.  The Netflix experience enables those of us who easily fall prey to "the next episode starts in 30, 29, 28 ...seconds" and get hooked on the next adventure of Walter White in his downward spiral, wrapping this way and that around Jesse Pinkman's personal trajectory -- absolutely mesmerizing stuff for some of us.  Just a warning -- don't get hooked . . . it will steal valuable portions of your life!!

Haven't rambled like this in a while, so I'll try to get back on topic -- it is supposed to be about horses, right?  With the Saratoga season now behind us, we have a big Fall meet at Belmont and the Breeders Cup -- or as I now think of it the West Coast championship that has strayed from its purpose of promoting national and worldwide breeding and racing.  Enough of the negativity, let's get on to the horses -- we have a great opportunity for 2015 with multiple winner for us, Bella Attrice, providing us with her first filly of racing age in a sturdy Posse filly -- you can see her move by taking a look at a recent video of her Offerings Starting in 2015.  The filly will be sent to be broken at the end of the month and available for partners immediately -- what's different about the 2015 partnership is that we'll be combining a 2 year old prospect with an immediate racing interest with our plans to purchase a claiming horse by the end of the 1st quarter in 2015 (with claiming horses you need to find the right horse and time for that horse).  Details and costs are explained on the offerings link above.

While I'm particularly excited about getting this filly to the track, I do need to report that our latest racing interest did not pan out as a race horse and will be retired.  We are in the process of finding a home for the very lovely Stephanie's Secret and doubt that it will be long before an appropriate owner will be found.  The filly started with great reports from her training in South Carolina at two to somewhat downward trending reports thereafter.  We never got to see her run well and in her time at Belmont, Saratoga and Finger Lakes, she just never seemed to show any true racing ability.  Her siblings all did well and she is by promising young sire, Dunkirk, but Stephanie's Secret shows once again that not only is racing a tough game, but no one knows for sure how a horse will fare once its early training days are over.  One more shot of the beautiful, but slow, Stephanie's Secret -- thank you for giving us a racing interest the past two seasons!


Now, back to Bella Attrice's Posse yearling -- to be a 2 year old of 2015.  She is by the reliable New York sire Posse and has, like many Posse offspring, good size and bone -- the filly will be sent to be broken soon and we're hoping she can follow in her mama's hoofsteps.  Bella Attrice was the first horse we bred -- she was featured in Barbara Livingston's More Old Friends by virtue of her mother multiple stakes winner Irish Actress being one of the horses Barbara favored.   Bella Attrice made it to the races in May of her 3 year old year and won multiple races at Saratoga, including two races in one season - one of those races being jockey Kent Desormeaux's 5,000th career victory, gaining Bella's win coverage on ESPN and multiple horse racing channels.  Irish Actress, grand dam of this filly, won multiple stakes and has had stakes races on the NYRA circuit named after her.   We are hoping that this athletic looking filly can live up to her mother's and her grandmother's racing abilties -- being by speed-oriented dirt sire Posse, we think she might add that extra zip to make her competitive on both dirt and turf.  Take a look at the video of our beautiful 2015 racing interest at Offerings Starting in 2015.  Here's a picture of her mama, Bella Attrice:





... and here's a picture of the 2013 Posse fillyas a weanling.









Thanks to all the partners on Stephanie's Secret -- time now to get back on the horse, so to speak and step up with the new offering for 2015.  We're due for a winner!!

Take care,