Daring Greatly . . . and other thoughts

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Posted by mike
Daring Greatly . . . and other thoughts

So, I've been completely mesmerized by the Roosevelt series that has been on TV recently -- I must not have paid enough attention in history classes, because while I learned about all three who were featured, I learned the most about and was most impressed with Teddy.  He consistently applied himself and lived what he preached about entering the fray and not -- as Garth Brooks would say -- standing outside the fire.  In one of his great speeches, Teddy urges folks to apply themselves and try to accomplish a goal -- he lauds the assiduous who are as he says, daring greatly, to participate and make a difference/attain a goal, and he shows disdain for those who sit idly by afraid to try something new or exert themselves for fear of failure.  Basically, if you're not making any mistakes, you're also not doing anything.  All these principles and ideas certainly appeal to me, but I also started thinking about the horses we race as well.   We want a horse that tries, exhibits a gameness that allows them to exceed any expectations their physical make-up or breeding would suggest would be possible.   A horse daring to be great is ...

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