Welcome Back!

Welcome to the revised Bliss Racing Web site -- hopefully the new look and functionality will make it easier for you to keep updated on your horses.   It has been some time since I have had an operational Web site and I'm happy to say that over the next few weeks I will be updating the site to keep you posted on the horses.   The new site should allow me to post videos as well as photos - it's supposed to anyway -- and I hope that I will soon become adept at that.

Irishtocat partners

In addition, there now is a "partners only" area that will require you to login to access information just for you.  This will be information we do not want freely available to anyone visiting the site and will include such things as special updates on the horses and details of the business side of Bliss.  Look for me to send you login information within the next few weeks.

Since it has been so long, I will provide an update on both the racing and the breeding side of things to be sure we're all on the same page:Stephanie's Secret works out on Oklahoma

Stephanie's Secret - the 2 year old Dunkirk filly was in stealth mode apparently on Saturday when she worked out 3 furlongs from the gate at the Oklahoma track.  The work was originally recorded as "Stephanie's Kitten" having worked but that was corrected by Sunday.  I was on track and it appeared that while she did everything professionally, she wasn't as quick from the gate as you would hope and it seems there may be some more work to be done on her gate training.  She looked terrific on track and it appears she is still moving forward in her training so all is good on that front.  We're still hoping that she'll be ready for a race toward the end of October at Belmont -- watch here for more on that front.


The good news is that Stephanie's older sister, Double the Energy won a tough 7 furlong turf race at Belmont last week in fine fashion, doing her dam Double Doubleville proud.  Congratulations to Michael and Cheryl on breeding this fine racehorse -- she has set a nice bar for Stephanie's Secret to surpass!

Ishkabibble - Our feisty, but small 3 year old filly ran 1 mile at Belmont and came out of the race slightly tight in the hind quarters but mostly none-the-worse for the effort.  Her effort was typical  - she tried real hard but was unable to keep up with the field.  Since she ran at the lowest level of racing on the NYRA circuit and wasn't able to be competitive, we have decided to retire the filly and find a nice home for her.  She will be let down at the farm in Fort Edward for the next two months with a goal to get her to her new home by mid-November if all goes well.   Many thanks to Pete K. for finding her a new home -- we'll be sorry to see the little girl move on but we know she is retiring sound as can be and fully physically able to begin a new career.  Thanks to all the partners who got in on her -- we had hoped for more success than we had with her but hope the experience was informative and fun for all. 

And speaking of new career's, I received a truly wonderful update from the very kind Heather B. on some of the horses she has helped us place after their racing careers:

Our Grey Girl ("Tic Tac") has gone on to become a very successful polo pony, traveling from Aiken, SC to Wellington, FL, and ultimately (at last update) on to play as a member of an all grey polo pony team in CHINA. She is doing well, amazes all with her talent, and is very loved. She is also the standard to which all other ponies (or potential ponies) on her team are measured.

Also bearing update, Hymnself ("Liam") and "Aiden" (our wobbler - the Read the Footnotes gelding) are enjoying life as a trail horse and companion respectively, on a private farm down south of Atlanta--Liam has progressed into a wonderful trail horse, and though Aiden's neurological symptoms have never worsened, the family's vet has helped them to understand that life as a riding horse for him is just not in the cards. They are both loved dearly and want for absolutely nothing!

Orient Song, along with Our Grey Girl, has really become something since his retirement. It took over a year for him to recover from the soreness that came from racing and to finally grow some healthy feet. As things were really looking up, he suffered from a severe corneal abrasion and nearly lost an eye--dedicated and very persistent treatment has left him with a healthy and fully functional eye. Best news of all is that he has gone on to become a very successful young sport horse and continues to do well with his training.

This is all great news to those of us who remember each of these babies and we're thrilled to hear they are doing so well!

Now on to the breeding side of things:

Dixie Bluebell - The old grey mare is enjoying her retirement and is the first over to see visitors with carrots.  No more babies for her, but hopefully she'll have the chance to help Cheryl out as a nanny for some of the unruly weanlings and yearlings.

Dixie w Pippa as a weanling

Pippa - Dixie's 2012 filly by Justenuffhumor was so good looking we have nicknamed her Pippa -- not officially named by any means, we'll leave that to what we hope will be new owners after the October Fasig-Tipton sale in Kentucky.  Pippa will be sent through the ring on October 21 and we hope someone there recognizes a good looking filly when they see her!

Bella Attrice - We were fortunate to be able to acquire the first horse we bred over the winter thanks to our friends at Our Blue Streaks stable.  Bella, now back in the fold, is more beautiful than ever and graced us with an outstanding Posse filly - nicknamed Pete -- yep, you got it right, Pete's a girl. After an initial scare and time in the clinic, Pete has thrived and does very well with her best buddy on the farm.  Our goal is to sell Pete at the Fasig-Tipton sale next year as a yearling -- Bella is in foal to Discreetly Mine with a February/March foal likely.

Strikealinethruit - The hard trying, often unlucky, filly was always slight but tough.  Now in retirement, Strikealinethruit was bred on an early cover to the solid sire Langfuhr and is set to have a January/February foal.  Cheryl has babied her and tried to get some weight on her and we're very happy to say she is looking fantastic and even has a bit of a baby bump.  With the maiden broodmare, Cheryl will have her work cut out for her to get a hopefully big foal out of our slender mare.  She is quite the carrot eater herself but not as pushy as half sisters Bella and Irishtocat when it comes to getting her fair share -- she is smarter and displays a higher degree of finesse than her brutish siblings.

Strikealinethruit wins at BelmontIrishtocat - We were not able to find a home for this filly and in the end decided to breed her rather than pay bills without any prospect for income down the road.  She never quite lived up to the potential displayed in her first race but she always has been good looking, so we are gambling that she will be able to make it as a broodmare.   She is in foal to the solid stallion El Corredor on an early cover and is set to have a January foal.  This mare, while always bossy and tough, has turned into quite the ornery cuss dominating her pasture mates -- not one who does well sharing, she has been very, very difficult on the very nice mares in her band.  The attitude we hope will transfer to her foals to make them competitive.  In the meantime, we have deftly developed strategies to get her carrots while not endangering the well being of the other mares in the field.

OK, probably more than you could possibly have wanted but it has been some time and I wanted to be sure you had the latest.  Anything I forgot, I will cover in the next update.