Welcome Back!

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Posted by mike
Welcome Back!

Welcome to the revised Bliss Racing Web site -- hopefully the new look and functionality will make it easier for you to keep updated on your horses.   It has been some time since I have had an operational Web site and I'm happy to say that over the next few weeks I will be updating the site to keep you posted on the horses.   The new site should allow me to post videos as well as photos - it's supposed to anyway -- and I hope that I will soon become adept at that. In addition, there now is a "partners only" area that will require you to login to access information just for you.  This will be information we do not want freely available to anyone visiting the site and will include such things as special updates on the horses and details of the business side of Bliss.  Look for me to send you login information within the next few weeks. Since it has been so long, I will provide an update on both the racing and the breeding side of things to be sure we're all on the same page: Stephanie's Secret - the 2 year old Dunkirk filly ...

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