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While Bliss Racing hasn't had too terrific a year up to this point, we do share in the excitement in some of our friends' racing accomplishments and hope you will too.

While Bliss Racing hasn't had too terrific a year up to this point, we do share in the excitement in some of our friends' racing accomplishments and hope you will too.   Living vicariously through their success has given me hope for similar results for us, and while not our primary focus in these racing updates, it doesn't hurt to start with some positive news.   So, congratulations are in order for the following success:

Spring to the Sky/Hope Still Springs - Our friend Tony had a banner week when his very good horse Spring to the Sky won an overnight stakes and then shortly thereafter his Hope Still Springs broke his maiden in impressive fashion.   Tony has put a lot of time, effort, and of course money into his horses and this well deserved string of good luck has been the result of great patience and assiduity on his part.

Crushing - Our friend Rita's horse finally broke through his allowance condition after a number of very nice seconds -- it was only a matter of time, but as we know, the second place finishes while appreciated aren't quite the same as winning.

Bug Juice/Eepopporkahah - After many months recovering from surgery, our friends Neal and Stacie's Bug Juice returned to the races and won in fine fashion at Presque Isle.  It was great to see him back at the races and winning the way he did was certainly a sign of better things to come down the road -- nice job all around on getting him back.   Neal also has the well named filly Eepopporkahah, remember the Jetsons?, and she won not too long ago, perhaps making her one of the highest earners for her sire.

You knew this wasn't going to stay positive, right???  Well for my fellow curmudgeons, here's a new feature:  People, places, and things you can strike a line through -- my .  .  .

Strikealinethroughit List

  • Price Chopper - don't ever try to park in the little store in Saratoga -- I now won't use any of their stores.
  • Cars with Stick Family stickers in their windows -- on the upside, I still think a great marketing idea is to show a husband with his secretary, the mom with the tennis pro, teens smoking a doobie, etc. -- anyone want to back a venture that reflects real life more accurately??
  • Breeders Cup - West Coast bias? - no thanks. (see below for details).
  • Lima Beans - I know, what did they do to me? ...just, yuck.
  • DOT - do they really expect anyone to believe that every road, bridge, and thoroughfare going into and out of Albany all required work at the same time?  No prioritization and ease of travel considerations were made -- yep, federal money needed to be spent, but the oversight of the work being done in any semblance of plan or regard for commuters is absent.   And to tell us that "they're learning from the experience" with the twin bridge fiasco reaches the pinnacle of ineptitude.
  • Immediate Updating Media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, UpYours -- oh, that's right, that one isn't ready yet  -- another investment opportunity -- in this idea you would get to immediately send charming sentiments to those who have annoyed you - investors?)   
  • Entitled Masses - this is a broad category, but covers anyone who thinks the world owes them a job, a promotion, a meal, fame, passing grades, or anything for that matter without having to earn any of the above through work, effort, and striving to reach the limits of their own abilities.  No substance? No respect.
  • Clowns - while some people are scared of them, I just think they're creepy and not funny.

That's way too much of a rant, but I feel better about a pretty picture to make you feel better?




Now on to the Bliss horses:

Strikealinethruit - The mare will be entered to run within a week or so, most likely on October 8 at Belmont.  We will try to provide the class relief she may need to get the job done for us.   Our consistent trier has run well all year for us but has not met a field she could handle -- we would like to see her get at least one win this year.

Irishtocat - The filly - pictured above - looks to be in fine shape despite the injury to her hind leg and we're awaiting prognosis on her ability to return to training and her future.  While she showed some ability in her first race and then again in her first race this year, a hind end issue has continually plagued her and we have not seen her run to her ability.   She is at the farm in Fort Edward and we will have a plan for her future by the end of October.

Blissful Belle - Since returning to racing, the filly has not shown much except for her doing a little running on the polytrack during her race at Presque Isle.  While it appears she is best suited to turf and poly sprints, we will try her once more in a short race at Finger Lakes before deciding her racing future.

Ishkabibble - The filly continues to make progress and is close to making her first start.  She has not displayed the speed from the gate that trainer Michelle Nihei would like to see, so her first start may be held off until one more gate work is behind her.  The filly is doing very well -- training good, looks good, etc. -- but the goal is to put her in a position to show her best rather than having her start slowly and having to make up a ton of ground.  The first start with any horse is critical and we don't want any bad experiences staying with her for future races, so we will err on the side of caution and her first start will most likely be in another two weeks.

Ms. Preacher Brown - Our mare in foal to Scat Daddy is going to go through the sales ring at Fasig-Tipton's first fall mixed sale on October 9.  We're hoping she will find a good home at a good price!

Finally - continued best wishes to the boys having a very good year in high school football - Max, Troy, Drew and Conor have been impressive so far - keep up the good work!

Have fun,


DONATION TIME! - If you find yourself with any extra cash or are in need of a tax deductible donation, please consider sending your check to: Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue, 323 Quaker Hill Road,  Pawling, NY 12564 - with the note IRISH ACTRESS on your check made out to AKINDALE THOROUGHBRED RESCUE.  or you can donate online by going to:

They took in the mare and we need to support them - your help is most appreciated!

BOYCOTT THE BREEDERS' CUP!! ANOTHER YEAR AT SANTA ANITA??!! That's it, I'm out. Done with any support of the BC. I have nominated foals and attended multiple BC events, but will no longer have anything to do with them. With the announcement that the BC will be at Santa Anita in 2013 after it is being held there this year, the BC leadership have clearly veered from its original mission and is no longer the event it set out to be in 1984. It can be a good two days of racing, but it will be conducted without my money in their nomination fees or pools. Breeders Cup?? STRIKEALINETHRUIT!