Accentuating the Positive

How does a phenomenon like that take place?

No more stream of consciousness prose for me, and no negativity.  Just short.  And sweet.  I will try . . . I promise.

OK, what is it about that book 50 Shades of Grey??? which from what I hear is essentially porn for housewives???  How does a phenomenon like that take place? -- the reason I mention it is I was walking into the track the other day and was almost run over by a woman exiting the track with her copy of that book under her arm.  Was she rushing to read the next sex scene?  Did the book get her so worked up that she had to go home and have some privacy?  Mmmmm, not sure, but one could assume the book got her motor going somehow . . .   After that encounter, I was inside the track and didn't realize that a race was underway because I was in the club house and apparently NYRA doesn't think people watching on the TV's of the first floor of the club house should have sound in the first few weeks of racing.   Perhaps they are in cahoots with the publishers of 50 Shades of Grey and agreed to not allow the sound from the race calls to interrupt the frenetic page turning of their middle aged female clientele? Whatever the reason, no sound after two weekends of racing? No good.

My betting - not good.  The positive?  I am almost out of money so I can't lose much more.

What? Not positive enough for you?  OK, we have had two horses run at Saratoga!!  Neither run left us feeling overly excited or with scads of cash in our pocket, but we do need to remember how hard it is just to get a horse to run here.  With the Fasig-Tipton sales completing last night, it is helpful to remember that many of those high priced yearlings never make it to the race track -- so the fact we've had two horses run so far this year at what is arguably the nation's premier racing venue is quite remarkable.   We have had some luck at Saratoga in the past and we're trying to revive that mojo soon -- hopefully by the end of this meet.

Now for some nice pictures and a brief update:







Enough of the pictures, now on to the horses:

Strikealinethruit - The mare ran a solid race in open claiming ranks at Saratoga last week, unfortunately the competition proved above her capabilities.  She has come out of that 4th place finish well and will be entered again before the end of the meet.

Irishtocat - The filly was injured in her start at Saratoga and now will be out for approximately 30 days with a splint injury in her hind leg -- not a typical injury for a horse her age or for a hind leg, but it appears she may have been kicked.   She is being treated and will return to action at Belmont where she has been sent to recover.

Blissful Belle - The filly appeared back on the work tab and will be entered to run in the next few weeks -- back from her injury to her ankle.  While not a major issue, the time off has done her well.  Reports are that B-Belle, like all Dixie's babies, has kept her flesh very well and will present a challenge to get back to racing fitness due to her fondness for the feed tub.

Thirtycandan - The gelding is still looking for a good home -- please contact me if you know of anyone who will provide a good life for our 3 year old gelding.

Ishkabibble - The filly has had another work today - 3 furlongs in 37 -- and will soon have a gate work while down at Belmont.   She continues to make progress and our hope is that she will return to Michelle's barn by the end of the Saratoga meet - -though it is looking less likely that she will start at Saratoga -- not impossible, but not as strong a possibility as it once was.   She remains on track to make her first start this year, however, and we think our trainer is moving her along at a pace that suits her -- so, all is well on this front.

Spring to the Sky -- Following a nice showing in stakes company at the start of the meet, Spring to the Sky -- our friend Tony's horse -- will run on Friday in the turf stakes race at Saratoga.  Look for this exciting runner to do the Saratoga home team proud!  Go get them STTS!

Mizz's Midas Touch -- Our Blue Streaks unveils their 2 year old filly today at Saratoga -- here's hoping she is golden in her first out!

Also, congratulations and our wishes for the best of luck to our friends who are selling horses this week - -Rita's connections did quite well with a session topper on Monday evening and we're hoping Cheryl and Michael do well with their charges in the NY Bred sale on Sunday night.

Finally - I want to wish Sully, Jack, Joe and all the others headed off to college for the first time over the next few weeks the best of luck.   Have fun and get a good ejubmecation!

Back at ya' soon,


BOYCOTT THE BREEDERS' CUP!! ANOTHER YEAR AT SANTA ANITA??!! That's it, I'm out.  Done with any support of the BC.   I have nominated foals and attended multiple BC events, but will no longer have anything to do with them.   With the announcement that the BC will be at Santa Anita in 2013 after it is being held there this year, the BC leadership have clearly veered from its original mission and is no longer the event it set out to be in 1984.   It can be a good two days of racing, but it will be conducted without my money in their nomination fees or pools.  Breeders Cup?? STRIKEALINETHRUIT!