We'll Have Another

I'm rooting for I'll Have Another on Saturday and you should too.

I'm rooting for I'll Have Another on Saturday and you should too.  It has been 34 years since Affirmed beat Alydar for the Triple Crown and it is high time another horse took down the honor.  It is most certainly time for us all to "have another" triple crown champion -- wouldn't you agree??

I don't need to wait until Saturday morning to post my selection - I know who I'm rooting for and who I think will win.   Once again, do with my choice what you will . . .

Belmont Selection: I am a bad bettor because I am often influenced by what I want to see happen vs. what I think will happen.  Dullahan is a fresh horse who ran a good race in Kentucky and looks to be able to go the 1 1/2 miles of the Belmont; nevertheless, I will stick with I'll Have Another in hopes history will be made.  He's a very good horse, so why not him?  The picks:

1. I'LL HAVE ANOTHER - triple crown winner

OK - on to the horses:

Ishkabibble -- The two year old filly reached new trainer Michelle Nihei's stable at Saratoga Race Course on Saturday.   She looked fantastic as the photos below attest, so many thanks to Steve at SGV for all his great work with her.   The plan for her now is to acclimate her to Saratoga, continue on with her 3 furlong works and hopefully progress to the point she can make her first start in the early part of the Saratoga meet!  While we haven't had much success in getting two year olds to the races, we're excited about the prospect of her making it to the races this year.   Michelle commented on the filly's well balanced body and that despite her small size, she may be able to do well against some slower to develop competition.   We shall see as time goes on, but for now we are quite pleased.   Below are some photos of Ishkabibble with her new trainer, Michelle:






Strikealinethruit - Our mare is entered to run on Friday, June 8 in the 7th race - a NY Bred, non-winner of 1 other than on the turf at 7 furlongs.   There are many things to like about her in this spot - she is training well, it is her best distance, there don't appear to be any standouts in the race, and she has a great rider.  It has been a while since her last start, but we're hoping the weather cooperates and allows this race at her best distance to stay on the turf so she gets the chance to show us her best -- with exceptional rider Julien Leparoux on board, it's all systems go as we try for Strike Two!

Irishtocat - She worked again yesterday and came out of the work very well.   She'll have one more five eigths this weekend and then we'll be entering to run on June 17 for her first start of the year.   We're really looking forward to seeing if this girl can live up to the expectations I've had of her since she was born in 2008 -- here's hoping she kicks things off with a good race on June 17.

Blissful Belle - She ran third in her last race at Finger Lakes but unfortunately appeared to bruise her foot at some point following the race.  She is back in training now, but the timing of her next race has been delayed.   More on that once we know she is moving well again.

Thirtycandan - We hope to get him to trainer Michelle Nihei at Saratoga in the second week of June -- we will know more closer to this weekend.

Dixie Bluebell - We just received word today that Dixie Bluebell has been pronounced in foal to Thunder Gulch!  We're very excited about this and are now look forward to her having a strapping foal next year.   Thanks to Paul in Kentucky for all his hard work in making this happen -- as I've said previously, I think the little hussy just liked her dates with the Kentucky Derby winner!

Best of luck to all in the Belmont --

Here's hoping we witness history this weekend when I'll Have Another takes the triple crown,


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