It's Time To Begin

Updates from the year!

It has been a while since I've updated this section on the site, though partners have gotten regular updates on their horses via e-mail.  Quite a bit has happened, but before I get into the horses, I need to welcome a new group of partners on our latest horse -- welcome to Michael, Robert, Carol, Steven, Jan, Tom, Barbara, Linda, Jack and Sam -- we're hoping you'll enjoy owning your own thoroughbred race horse.

In addition to the new partners, we have also turned the page on a number of our former groups who owned horses with us and we would like to thank all who bought a piece of the various horses over the years -- I have heard from many of you, many of whom will continue on the new filly.  Whatever your involvement - as current or past owner of one of the horses, a friend or family member of one of our owners, or simply a racing fan -- thanks for all the good karma you have sent our way in the past and please keep those positive vibes flowing our way for the year ahead.

Next up -- let me apologize for the absence of new photos -- I have many on my computer but I seem to be having trouble with the system and can't upload any new photos.   (I hope to have that corrected soon.)  Now, on to a recap and walk down memory lane in some instances as I update you on the horses:


Strikealinethruit - The mare told us she was done with racing after her two atypical efforts this fall. She was training very well but didn't show us the kick she had in many of her previous races.   So, we retired her on November 1, 2012.   Over the past three years, the filly has won $100,000 the hard way -- with many seconds and thirds that with racing luck could have been wins.  Her race at Saratoga two years ago where she was 5th still stands out for me as one of her most exciting performances, closing from well out of it with a flourish running well wide only to lose by about a length and giving up many more than that in her circuitous route.   That route became the norm for her and she lost at least two other races where her kick would have put her in the winner's circle with a more direct route -- but that is racing luck.  While she may not have been the most talented filly in the world, she always tried hard and put in a game performance -- which is why it was so hard to see her lackluster performances this fall.  After ensuring she has nothing physically wrong with her, we decided that it will be best to retire her since she is showing signs of mentally not being in the game as she once was.  She will become a broodmare and I will report on her babies down the road.  Thank you Strike for so many fine performances and so much excitement!  At Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct, she provided memories and excitement that left me without a voice many times -- it was fun and it's nice to see her retire sound and ready for her new career.


Irishtocat - It's no secret that I've thought this filly would prove to be something special -- from the day she was born, she has had attitude and the physical make-up for a successful racehorse.   Rather than fulfilling the promise she offered, Irishtocat was a long time in coming around and when she did get to the races ran a very good maiden race only to inexplicably run poorly in her next outing and then required time off.  Bringing her back this year, we had to delay because of minor issues and while she showed some promise in her first race, again was bothered by physical issues that were hard to pin down and expensive to treat.   We never got to see what she could do -- so, she too, after multiple vet consults this fall, was retired effective November 1.  I need to thank the people who were partners on this filly for your patience with the stops and starts we had with her -- she certainly demonstrated the many things that can go wrong in getting a horse with talent to the races.  Remember, it's not as disappointing when a horse doesn't show you anything, but it's many times more frustrating when you know there's talent there and the horse is unable for whatever reason to demonstrate that talent on the track.   She will also move on to a new career and I will provide updates down the road on her for those who might be interested.   Thanks once again to the patient owners of Irishtocat.


Ishkabibble - The filly came out of her first race well and while she apparently is probably not a dirt horse, we need to give her one more try on dirt with a little class relief.  Most of Dixie's babies perform best at 3 and 4 years old so one poor race does not have us completely discouraged, but we were hoping for better in her first outing.   It appears there is a race on December 1 that we will be aiming for or perhaps another race earlier if an overnight extra race is written.   Michelle Nihei has moved most of her horses to Florida to prepare for a winter season but Ishkabibble will not be going there given her NY Bred status and Michelle's belief that turf racing in New York will be the right level for her -- Michelle saw her Sunday and said Ishkababibble is as feisty as ever.   We just need her to grow a bit and hopefully get on the turf as a 3 year old.    More on her as soon as we have a more definitive plan.


Blissful Belle - Our "good doer" of a filly -- that's what they call horses that tend to carry a lot of flesh and like to eat quite a bit -- may race one more time.  She also seems to have lost her competitive edge and has decided that eating treats back at the barn is more her style than competing with other horses on the track.  We are in the process of trying to find this very good looking filly a home -- we know her siblings have made wonderful saddle horses and we're sure that she will too.   Maybe one more race -- maybe more donuts, we'll let her tell us and in the meantime we will try to find an owner who will make a fuss over her and keep her stocked with treats!


Pippa - Our Justenuffhumor filly has been temporarily named Pippa because she is just so darned beautiful.  The filly is very well made and good sized -- unfortunately she had a minor hernia and needed to be treated for that in September and is only just returning to the other weanlings on the farm after many weeks of stall rest.  We hope to get the filly in the August Fasig-Tipton sale next summer and that she continues to become even more beautiful as she grows over the winter.

2011 Dunkirk - Double Doubleville, by Mt. Livermore filly -- It's time to begin with a new group of owners on our lovely 2011 Dunkirk filly.  The gray/roan filly has been purchased by Bliss Breeding & Racing and we have aligned partners who will race the filly hopefully as a 2 year old in 2013!  The filly is a half sister to $200+ winner The Truffle Man, stakes competitor Double the Energy, and multiple other winners -- the Mt. Livermore side of the equation has most likely infused the filly with speed and the classic-placed Dunkirk hails from a stout female female and should inject some classic influences.  We are very excited about the filly who is currently at the Webb Carroll training center in South Carolina and is on track for racing at two.   Pictures -- once I get the site's kinks worked out -- and updates will be on the site soon.

Lots of changes -- lots of positive energy building around the new filly and Ishkabibble so we have much to look forward to as we look ahead.   It's time to begin a new chapter in the Bliss Racing Stable and we're hoping you all enjoy yourself as our story of thoroughbred ownership unfolds!

Have fun,


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