It's Time To Begin

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It's Time To Begin

It has been a while since I've updated this section on the site, though partners have gotten regular updates on their horses via e-mail.  Quite a bit has happened, but before I get into the horses, I need to welcome a new group of partners on our latest horse -- welcome to Michael, Robert, Carol, Steven, Jan, Tom, Barbara, Linda, Jack and Sam -- we're hoping you'll enjoy owning your own thoroughbred race horse. In addition to the new partners, we have also turned the page on a number of our former groups who owned horses with us and we would like to thank all who bought a piece of the various horses over the years -- I have heard from many of you, many of whom will continue on the new filly.  Whatever your involvement - as current or past owner of one of the horses, a friend or family member of one of our owners, or simply a racing fan -- thanks for all the good karma you have sent our way in the past and please keep those positive vibes flowing our way for the year ahead. Next up -- let me apologize for the absence of ...

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