barbaraLivingstonWin.jpgSecretariat, Man O War, Ruffian, Chief's Crown, Seabiscuit -- you've heard of at least one of these guys, right? If you were drawing a road map, they would be the end point. The goal. Bliss Racing Stable offers investors, for a modest investment, a chance to be part of the Thoroughbred racing game.   We offer an opportunity to more than dream about being part of the racing game where these horses are legends, but to be an active owner as we pursue that ultimate goal together.In order to put us in a position to fulfill that goal, Bliss Racing Stable will employ the services of some of the most respected and accomplished trainers and their related support teams.

Bliss Racing participants will buy in to one or multiple horses, dependingon owner interest.  An LLC will be formed for each horse or horse package (two or more horses) and owners agree to pay an annual fee based on a minimum of 5% shares of our horses - you can buy one or multiple 5% shares in our horses.   Payments can be paid in one yearly sum or on a quarterly basis.  Investors should be prepared to pay a one-time investment fee for the package being offered and then an annual fee corresponding to their level of investment.

Angelina.gifAll Bliss partners are welcome to visit their horses and will receive regular updates about their investment.   Bliss Racing will be in charge of all of the day-to-day trackside operations, workouts, training, shipping, member communications, and administrative details associated with developing and campaigning the thoroughbreds we are offering for investment.

Ownership is easy and fun -- why not contact us for more information about partnerships being formed right now?

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