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Ishkabibble as a weanling

Bliss Racing Stable was started so that racing fans can experience thoroughbred ownership in an affordable way.  While we hope to create a return on your investment, we work to ensure all investors have a good time as they follow their horses' progress.   Our main focus is on NY bred racing and horses that will compete at Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct.


Mission Statement

Bliss Racing Stable strives to: select and race the best horse possible; ensure that all involved have a strong opportunity for financial success; and, help everyone involved have a good time in the process.

Our Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to develop a reputation for racing high quality New York-bred horses that are competitive at all levels of racing.   We also will provide racing fans who have not been part of the game a way to access thoroughbred ownership in an affordable and manageable program.   Finally, we hope to introduce many new people to the exciting world of thoroughbred racing.

Bliss-silks-pre-race.pngBusiness Philosophy

By taking good care of our horses, doing extensive research, and obtaining the best advice possible, we will reap maximum return on our investments.



Who Should Invest?  Are there Risks?

The Thoroughbred racing industry is not an easy one and potential investors must be aware that they are investing in bloodstock and there is no guarantee for success.   We believe in ensuring that all understand the substantial risk that is inherent in this sort of undertaking, but also want you to understand that there remains opportunity for substantial rewards.

Thoroughbred racing in New York State is in a time of great transition, and Bliss Racing Stable will be there with viable racing prospects ready to make our mark and take advantage of the opportunities generated by the escalated purse structure.

While participating in Thoroughbred racing offers an incredibly exciting opportunity, it is nonetheless a risky venture.    Investors need to realize that the potential for excitement is great, but so too is the possibility that some or all of your investment might be lost – you must determine whether the fun that Bliss Racing Stable offers is worth the investment regardless of the financial loss possibilities.

Bliss Racing Stable LLC recommends investment only to those who can afford the investment required.   We have priced opportunities at what we believe will make the game accessible to many, but we do not want to tie up the funds of those potential investors who truly should not be making the investment.    Every member of the Bliss Racing Stable must be prepared to lose their entire investment.

Bliss partners visit horse on Saratoga backstretchBenefits of Partnerships

Bliss Racing Stable puts together groups of owners who might not otherwise be inclined to make the significant investment in horse racing that sole ownership would require.   By entering into a partnership, investors can get a feel for Thoroughbred ownership with minimal risk.

Our partnerships offer you the opportunity to be a part of a single horse or multiple horses without having to do the work of selecting the horse or overseeing the daily decisions of owning a Thoroughbred race horse.  By being in a group you achieve a number of goals:

Spreading the Risk – You'll own a portion of a horse or multiple horses so that the risks of racing a horse will not be borne solely by you.   Although we have an option of getting in on just one horse in our racing partnerships, we recommend getting in on multiple horses because one catastrophic event won't wipe out your investment and you will literally be betting (with your investments) on more than one horse's success.

More For Your Money:   As part of a group, you will be able to participate at a significantly higher level then you might on your own.

Limited Liability:  Bliss Racing Stable will form a limited liability corporation (LLC) for each horse or package of horses we race, providing partners with the organizational structure offering benefits of a corporation and general partnership, while maintaining limited liability.

OK-turf.pngIt's Fun – Bliss Racing Stable wants all partners to have fun in this process and have the opportunity to share in the fun of owning and racing Thoroughbreds competing at New York race tracks.

Bliss Racing Stable will serve as the Managing Member for each LLC formed for our race horses.  This means you can focus on having fun, attending the races and workouts, and enjoying ownership without having to handle the details of owning a Thoroughbred.    We hope to attract both long-time horse owners looking for a no stress group to join or first-time investors seeking to become a Thoroughbred owner.

Racing Opportunities

Rachel Alexandra, Zenyatta, Secretariat, Man 'O War, Ruffian, Chief's Crown, Seabiscuit -- you've heard of at least one of these horses, right?  If you were drawing a road map, they would be the end point.  Our goal.  On a regular basis, Bliss Racing Stable will identify solid racing prospects for investors and then offer the opportunity to form a new LLC for that horse.   For a small fee, you can be part of the Thoroughbred racing game.

Racing Opportunities: How Much Will It Cost?

Bliss management will employ the services of some of the most respected and accomplished trainers and their related support teams to ensure that our investments have the highest chance of success.

Bliss Racing participants agree to pay a fee based on the percentage of the horse or horses they choose to invest in.   We annually update the packaging for each horse or offering to ensure all levels of owners can participate; we try to be as cost efficient as possible and will work with partners if a quarterly payment plan is helpful.  The price per share is based on individual horses (please see the Bliss current offerings).   This set payment can be paid as described in the offering for each horse.   

For your yearly payment, investors are covering costs for training, board, vanning, veterinary care, blacksmith, legal fees, state and local taxes, commissions, registration fees, and miscellaneous expenses.

Here's How It Works:Bella Attrice Wins at Saratoga.jpg

  • We believe that the better information you have, the more enjoyable your ownership experience will be.   We will communicate primarily through this Web site, but will also send e-mails to investors.   All investors are encouraged to ask questions and fully understand what's going on with their runners – the Bliss Racing Stable manager is available to all. 
  • From the revenue raised in these ownership shares, Bliss Racing Stable will be responsible for paying all standard expenses related to racing each horse.   Any additional unusual expenses, such as an extraordinary vet bill, will be prorated across owners (this has not been necessary in the past 14 years). 
  • All investors will receive regular photos and updates on their horse.    These updates will include news about progress in training, considerations about race selection as well as general information about what winners have been sired by the foal's sire, how the trainer has been doing, and other pertinent information.
  • All investors will be encouraged to attend any parties held celebrating the Bliss Racing Stable.   An event typically will coincide with the Fasig-Tipton NY Bred sale at Saratoga.
  • On racing days, Bliss Racing Stable partners will be provided with access to the saddling area and we will try to make seating arrangements ahead of time for all investors who would like them.   On most racing days, Bliss Racing Stable partners will meet with the Bliss managing member and the trainer in the paddock and the group will enjoy the race, and with luck, celebrate in the winner's circle.
  • Investors in a winning horse will receive a complete package containing a check for their percentage of earnings, a winner's circle photograph, and any additional materials we believe you might be interested in.
  • The annual partner fees cover the costs of expenses related to the training, boarding, transportation, and reasonable and customary veterinary bills related to the racehorse. 
  • Decisions about the horse are made by the Managing Partner.  However, significant decisions (other than day to day issues) about the horse's future will be made after polling all partners.
  • When money is won through racing or is received for the sale of the horse, all investors who are in good financial standing will receive their share (i.e., percentage of net funds collected by Bliss Racing Stable corresponding to their ownership percentage) within a reasonable time upon receipt of those funds in the Bliss Stable account.   All winnings for that year will be dispersed prior to the end of the calendar year.
  • Should the horse be claimed or sold, all owners will have the opportunity to purchase any new Bliss Racing Stable partnership offering; information regarding those offerings will regularly be made available to all current partners.  
  • Each purchaser participating in the horse is responsible for obtaining his/her current NYS Gaming Commission license. In addition, each must also obtain a NYRA horseman's identification card to enter into the walking ring, backstretch, and other areas restricted to horsemen. Because proper owner licensure is critical to our horses being permitted to run, ANY PARTNER WHO DOES NOT OBTAIN THE PROPER LICENSURE BEFORE THE HORSE RACES WILL FORFEIT HIS/HER SHARE(S) AND ANY MONEYS INVESTED.
  • Purchaser agrees to a minimum of two years' participation on any horse – we believe that after two years we will have provided every opportunity for the horse to show its best and then allow owners to decide whether to stay invested or not in that horse.
  • Purchaser will not have the right to transfer ownership of their share in the horse without written permission of Bliss Racing Stable. 
  • IRS defines racing investments and partnerships similar to the standards set for other industries and professions.  Members will receive a Form K-1 within 60-90 days of the end of the calendar year to enable completion of their tax return.   Each LLC member is strongly encouraged to consult with their personal tax advisor and/or employ the services of a professional equine tax accountant to answer tax matters as they relate to participation in a thoroughbred racing LLC.

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