General Horse Racing Information

Q.  What is a NY Bred race vs. an open race?

A.   Bliss Racing Stable runs NY bred horses, which means the horses were born in NYS and have been registered as a NY bred.  The NY Bred races are open only to horses who are NY bred, thereby restricting entries to a limited pool of horses.  Open races are just that - -open to horses bred in any State.  An open company race is typically more difficult than a restricted race.Irishtocat before her race

Q.  What is "going through conditions"?

A.  There are many types of races that are offered by the racing secretary – a condition book lists the menu of upcoming races for trainers to enter their horses in.  When a horse goes through her conditions, it means she progresses with wins through the maiden level (never won a race), through allowance non-winner of 1 (just that – never won 1 race other than a maiden), through allowance, non-winner of 2 and then, sometimes they offer allowance non-winner of 3 races other than maiden.  After going through conditions a horse might be ready for stakes racing.

Q.  What is stakes racing?

A.  A stakes race or added money event is intended to capture the higher level horses – the best on the track.  Having a stakes horse is an incredible accomplishment and horses in that category are in the highest percentile of the breed.  Stakes races are themselves broken into a hierarchy – there are overnight stakes, then they step up to listed stakes and stakes restricted to NY Breds or other categories, and then up another step to Grade III stakes, then Grade II stakes, and at the top of the heap are Grade I races.  The goal of any breeder or owner is to breed and/or race a horse competing in graded stakes company.

Some basic terms:

Dam – Mother of a horse

Sire /Stallion – Father of the horseDixie with Pippa

Colt – Male horse up through age 5

Horse – Male horse 5 and older

Gelding – Male horse of any age who has been neutered

Filly – Female horse through age 5

Mare – Female horse over 5

Upkeep - Costs Associated with Mares and Foals

Turf Racing – Grass race course

Dirt Racing – Tradition racing on sand and dirt mixture

Polytrack – New racing surface made up of various materials and supposed safer for horse and jockeys alike.  It has also been suggested that turf sires' progeny will perform better on these artificial surfaces.