Bliss Racing Stable

Managing Partner:     Mike AlvaroGeorge.gif

Bliss Racing Stable was formed for race fans and those new to horseracing to access sport that can be hard to understand.  Our managing partner is highly accessible and willing to admit there's always more to learn.   Always open to suggestions and ideas, he never would suggest he knows all there is to know.   However, through our activities in the horse racing and breeding for over 10 years, we have learned enough to steer newcomers clear of some of the common mistakes investors might make if they were to set out on their own.  The Bliss experience will help those looking to start out on their own and will also allow those looking to be part of the action an opportunity to acheive that goal as well. 

We aim to place each racing prospect in the conditions where that horse will have the greatest opportunity for success.    By working with our trainers and letting the true horsemen lead the decisionmaking process, we ultimately achieve what's best for the horse, and, in turn, what's best for Bliss investors' success.

How decisions will be made

Day-to-day decisions will be made by the managing partner in consultation with advising partners and the experts employed as trainers, breakers, veterinarians, etc.   Key decisions about such issues as changes in advisors, sale of the horse, etc. will be made in consultation with all partners.

Who will be caring for the horses?

Bliss Racing Stable will seek advice of experts, and we will continue to assess the partners that offer various services and will place our horses with the trainers and other professionals who seem best able to provide the greatest return on our investment.

In the past, we have placed our young horses with training centers in South Carolina, Maryland, and New York that excel in developing horses for owners who want to race their stock, as opposed to some training centers focusing on developing horses to excel at two-year-old in training sales.   With the training center's input on the type of race horses we own, we will make a decision on which trainers we will seek to work with the horses.

We have used a number of different trainers, but will select a trainer to fit each horse.  Trainers such as George Weaver, David Duggan, Tom Morley and Jeremiah Englehart have all worked well with our horses and we will select the trainer who might best fit the group and horse purchased.  All trainers selected by Bliss Racing Stable are chosen based partially on their ability to work with racing partnerships and allowing their stable to be open to multiple partners on one of their horses.  Their ability to train horses at the highest level is indeed the foremost factor in selecting our trainers.